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No mess, no prep, no transport, no hassle!

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WELCOME You want to do the right thing and dispose of your latex paint responsibly, but let’s face it, it’s a big hassle! Preparing latex paint for responsible disposal is messy and time consuming. Drying inch by inch or using a drying agent still can be a chore. You’re too busy, why bother?

Did you know the average home has 5-12 cans of paint waste taking up valuable space? Yeah right, that’s not all touch up paint! We want to help you purge your household of paint waste and take the headache out of getting rid of it. We’ll even come over to your home and pick it up!

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Chicago Paint Disposal and Recycling

We are The Paint Picker Uppers

Helping Chicagoland residents to responsibly address their paint waste
No Mess  No Prep  No Transport  NO HASSLE!  

Chicagoland's LATEX Paint Reclamation & Disposal Service

Residential: Houses/Town Homes, Condominium Buildings | Commercial

How Does Our Service Work?

Step 1

Fill out our online form to let us know how much paint you would like to dispose of and where you are located. Read more.

Step 2

We’ll schedule a convenient date with you to come by and pickup your paint. Read more.

Step 3

The day of your pickup be sure to have your cans waiting for us! We’ll be by between 9AM-4PM. Read more.

What Does Our Service Cost?

5 Gallon Bucket

Pickup Price: $20

1 Gallon Can

Pickup Price: $6

1 Quart Can

Pickup Price: $2.5

3 gallon can minimum ($18)
within our suburban coverage area 

Register, schedule, pickup…1 2 3, your paint is all gone!

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Raise Money For Your Organization

Need to promote an organization, or charity? We assist in hosting paint pickup eco-fundraiser events. Your school organization, church, or community group, can earn money while helping your community clean up and recycle old paint cans!