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How It Works

See how easy our paint pickup service works. Step by step, register, schedule, pickup...1, 2, 3, your paint is all gone!

How Does Our Paint Pickup Service Work?

Step 1

Fill out our online form to let us know how much paint you would like to dispose of and where you are located.

-We’ll send you a confirmation email that we received your information.

*If you reside in a condominium building, make sure to check off the Paint PICKUP Event box on the registration form and provide us with your property managers contact information. We’ll connect and arrange for a building Paint Pickup Event!

**If this is a commercial request, check the appropriate box and provide us the type of facility we will be picking up from. Commercial requests are not limited to our current coverage area.

Step 2

We’ll schedule a convenient date with you to come by and pickup your paint.

-You’ll receive an invoice with your designated pickup date and a secure pay now link. You have 48hrs to confirm your pickup date by paying your invoice. Due to the nature of our scheduling, we request and would appreciate a prompt payment to assure your designated time for pickup. If no payment is received by 8:30 AM the day of your pickup, you’ll have to be placed again in line for rescheduling.

-You’ll be able to notify us through the pay now link, or just shoot us an email, or text if you’re unable to make the date.

-We never have a predetermined route for the week. Due to logistics, we make it our priority to be as efficient in our scheduling as we can. We’ll do our best to accommodate a speedy recovery!

*Condominium Paint PICKUP Events will be scheduled two weeks in advance and facilitated by the property manager. You’ll still need to register at our site and pay your invoice to participate in the event.

**Commercial request will be scheduled on an individual basis. Invoice payment will still be required by scheduled pickup day.

Step 3

The day of your pickup be sure to have your cans waiting for us! We’ll be by between 9AM-4PM.

-Please leave cans near garage, on driveway, by front walkway, or a nearby visible location. DO NOT LEAVE CANS AT CURBSIDE!  DO NOT LEAVE CANS IN ALLEY! Unfortunately we won’t be able to enter homes, garages, or any other structures to retrieve cans, sorry!

* If you reside in a condominium building, please adhere to instructions set forth by your property manager. Condominium Paint PICKUP Events require participants name and invoice number, on can labels provided by your property manager. Paint will not be retrieved without it.

-If this is an individual resident request you’ll need to bring down your paint to street level, or you will still be required to contact your property manager to arrange for a garage pickup. We will arrive between the hours of 9AM – 4PM.

** Paint retrieval instructions for a commercial request, will be arranged during the scheduling process.


Please remember we only pickup LATEX paint, we will leave behind everything else.

NO PETROLEUM BASED COATINGS! Please check your labels carefully, a 6.8% CC service fee will be deducted from any refunds.

Don’t worry about another thing! We’ll come by and take care of everything. No mess, no prep, no hassle!

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