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  1. Sharon

    Jim was great! He responded promptly. I would highly recommend.

    • Town: LaGrange Park
  2. Rob

    Looking for disposal options I initially skipped over Them thinking coordination would be problematic. Wrong!
    Got paint pickup was quick and professional in their communication. So easy!
    No hassle. No driving. Done.

    • Town: Chicago
  3. Barbara

    This service is phenomenal. It is so easy to schedule, pay and be rid of paint in an eco friendly way. I give gotpaint 5 ⭐️ stars.

    • Town: Chicago
  4. Sara Marberry

    Wow! Super easy to work with these guys. Worth every penny to get rid of those rusting paint cans in my basement and garage. Highly recommend.❤️❤️❤️

    • Town: Evanston
  5. Kristine Anderson

    Thank you for offering this service and a way to responsibly dispose of all of our latex paint. Everything about your service was easy and professional. the communication was great. I needed to make some changes to our numbers last minute and Jim made it a breeze. Our pick up was scheduled for 3 days after we sent in a request. We simply needed to leave our old paint on our steps that morning and they picked it up and sent me a message letting me know when it was complete, so helpful not needing to be home for the pick up ! Thank you ! I highly recommend your company !

    • Town: Chicago - Bucktown
  6. Katherine

    Such a great service! They went above and beyond when I inverted 2 numbers of my address by accident. Thank you GotPaint Pick Up for helping to recycle and dispose of latex paint in the most responsible way

    • Town: Evanston
  7. John

    Very easy to schedule a pickup for all my old latex paint. I encourage everyone not to throw your old paint in the garbage. We’ve already created enough environmental disasters. Let these guys dispose of it safely. Great job guys!

    • Town: River Grove
  8. Margaret A. Schneide

    Jim, gracious, accommodating and made it so easy to deliver my 14 gallons of latex paint to his truck. I was relieved to be a conscientious person and care for our land and to have such a marvelous service that made it possible.

    • Town: Oak Lawn, Illinois
  9. Martha

    Paint pick up was on time and hassle free. I highly recommend this company for disposal of unneeded latex paint.

    • Town: Chicago
  10. Mary Schneider

    I had a great experience using the gotpaintpickup service. From my initial inquiry to the time they picked up the paint, they were very responsive and courteous. It is a relief to dispose of the cans of paint responsibly and for a very reasonable cost. I’ve told friends and family all about them!

    • Town: Chicago
  11. Sandra Denberg

    Yes I would suggest you to other people and I don’t think you are real expensive

    • Town: Skokie
  12. Nora Ng

    Highly recommended! The website is informative and easy to use, and Jim was super, super nice. Because of my own snafu, I wasn’t able to hand off the paint at the original appointed time, and Jim was so responsive, friendly, patient, and accommodating over several rounds of rescheduling. Greatly appreciated!! Will definitely use again if the need arises!

    • Town: Evanston, IL
  13. Tash Schwartz

    Reasonable price, super easy to schedule, excellent communication! Wish everything was this simple!! Thank you Jim!!!

    • Town: Kenilworth

    What a great service! Jim was prompt in getting in touch and quickly picked up the numerous “dead” paint cans that had been on my to do list for a long time!!! Would definately recommend and use this service again!

    • Town: Chicago
  15. Matt Schmeltz

    I wish I knew about this a couple of years ago. We had a lot of paint in our house from some recent work we did and you guys were the perfect solution. Sent a note over the weekend and the paint was picked up on Tuesday. No hassle at all – it is a great service!

    • Town: Park Ridge
  16. Joy

    Gee! If I’d known how easy this was, I’d have gotten rid of this paint years ago!

    • Town: Chicago
  17. Heather Flores

    Jim was great! Took all of our paint – responded to every one of my inquiries immediately! I would definitely recommend this company- quick- easy- and very convenient! Thanks a bunch for all your help !!

    • Company: Premier Healthcare Management
    • Town: Skokie
  18. Barbara Ray

    Soooo convenient. We had paint cans taking up space in our storage locker bc we didn’t know where to dispose the paint. These guys make it so easy! Highly recommended.

    • Town: Chicago
  19. Tom Spira

    So easy. I filled out the form and he came the next day. We had a ton of paint cans from our previous owner and it’s sll gone. Really a great service.

    • Town: Chicago
  20. Thom H.

    If I’d known getting rid of old paint was this easy, I would have done it ages ago. I recruited other people in my building, and we got rid of tons of paint cans all at once. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Got Paint? Pickup if you’ve got old latex paint taking up space in your storage unit.

    • Town: Chicago
  21. Kris Clemons

    Thanks so much. This couldn’t have been easier! Pick up was smooth. Jim terrific with giving me the heads up on when he would arrive.

    I contacted neighbors so I had a good amount making your trip more worthwhile and friends happy. Easy to do and everyone is happy to clear out their basement or garage!

    • Town: Chicago
  22. Lorie Carroll

    Really easy and convenient way to dispose of paint!!

    • Town: Park Ridge
  23. John Stiffler

    Contacted the the Got Paint Pickup team via email and received a prompt email reply, followed by a text which showed attention to detail. Jim and I hashed things out on timing of the pickup, how many cans, where to put them, etc. He was prompt, professional, and clear in his communications. The payment process was painless and today he came as advertised. He followed up with a text saying the paint had been picked up. All around, a simple, painless experience. Great job Jim and team! Highly recommend!

    • Town: Winnetka
  24. JANE Pence

    Super easy service I would highly recommend! Submitted my application and my paint is gone the next day. Can’t ask for much more.

    • Town: Evanston
  25. Sue Gamm

    We just had over 30 gallons of paint picked up that we had been stockpiling for decades! So easy and hassle free. My husband and I highly recommend this company if you have latex paint cans you want to responsibly remove from your home (without using kitty litter!)

    • Company: Got Paint Pickup
    • Town: Chicago
  26. Jenny

    I was a little apprehensive about having someone come to my home/work. Jim was very communicative and was wiling to adjust his schedule to fit mine. Jim drove to my work and picked up the paint from my car, he very polite and professional. I love that one of his business goals is to recycle much of the paint to give to Habitat for Humanity. SO great!
    I will reference Got Paint Pick Up to anyone who will listen!! Hands down awesome experience and I removed paint in a legal manner 🙂

    • Town: Glenview
  27. Franny Kemper

    Thank you, Jim, for super speedy courteous service. We were clearing out a relative’s house and your service was a real godsend for us. I would recommend your service to anyone! Many thanks.

    • Town: Chicago
  28. Lorilin

    Holy smokes, that was easy! Thank you for picking up the paint. What a hassle-free experience!

    • Town: Wilmette
  29. Yvette Rubin

    Very friendly very prompt. I did not have to wait and they came to me even at work. I would use again.

    • Town: Deerfield
  30. Marlena Ascher

    Got Paint picked up all of the paint cans we have stored uselessly for way too long. Crazy. Thank you for helping us have a cleaner home, Jim!

    • Town: CHICAGO
  31. Grego

    I was very pleased with the customer service that GOT PAINT offered at our facility. The staff is friendly, reliable and their prices are reasonable. I would recommend GOT PAINT for your commercial needs.

    • Company: Klein Tools
    • Town: Lincolnshire
  32. Carol

    Great service from Jim made a project I dreaded go easily and efficiently. Really glad I called on Got Paint Pick-up and I highly recommend them.

    • Town: Chicago
  33. Nick

    They did a great job!!
    Fast & efficient!
    A great service.

    • Town: Glencoe
  34. KAG

    This is an incredibly easy way to safely and responsibly dispose of latex paint. Excellent communication and prompt service. Thanks!!

    • Town: Wilmette
  35. Beth

    So easy! These cans have been waiting in my garage for YEARS till I could get around to doing something with them. This took 24 hours from the time I began to investigate options till pickup was complete. So easy. So worth it. Thanks!

    • Town: Evanston
  36. Darwin

    Really grateful Jim provides this service, he communicated frequently to schedule my pick up, provided an accurate quote and was friendly and efficient in getting the job done.

    • Town: CHICAGO
  37. E.G. Fish

    So easy. Our condo building had a stash of old paint cans from various past and present owners that no one claimed. Got paint came and took it away. Very friendly, responsive, and quick.

    • Town: Chicago
  38. Leslie Penles

    What a great service! Requesting a pick up was easy and they came the next day. Their prices are comparable to local hardware stores but the advantages are they pick it up, you are supporting a locally owned small business and also helping the environment. Will definitely use again and recommend to others.

    • Town: Evanston
  39. Doug

    Our old paint cans are gone and properly recycled, my wife is thrilled! Ya know what they say, happy wife happy life! Nailed it!!

    • Town: Niles, IL
  40. Andrew Weisberg

    We are in the process of moving and we had no idea what to do with all of our latex paint. Fortunately we came access Jim and his business. I set up the pick up time and Jim was right on time and hauled away all the paint. Much less expensive than I would’ve guessed. I recommend him if you need to get rid of paint.

    • Town: Chicago
  41. Robin Baugher

    How to responsibly dispose of thirty-seven gallons plus twenty quarts of latex paint…some over a decade old? I opened a couple of the lightest ones to dry them out, thinking “how hard can this be?” Within minutes, managed to get paint splattered on my husband’s favorite work gloves, on the screwdriver and on the bottom of my shoe. Before things got a lot worse, I signed up for Got Paint Pickup. Jim came out the next day and my paint problems dissolved. He said some of it may even be useful to Habitat for Humanity. I hope he branches out into recycling other stuff. This was money well spent! Thanks, Jim!

    • Town: Wilmette
  42. Cindy

    I’m so glad I found Got Paint Pickup! The responsible disposal of leftover latex paint was quick and painless. They were very easy to work with and picked up the paint the next day. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get rid of used paint.

    • Town: Wilmette
  43. Carol

    Prompt replies, on time pick up, competent and courteous service. Such a relief to be able to recycle all those paint cans in a responsible and convenient way!

    • Town: Wilmette
  44. Fran

    Got Paint Pickup has been such a huge help with my business. Having a sustainably minded business and clients I can feel confident that I am doing the best for them by using the services of Got Paint Pick Up. Jim is awesome and always extremely helpful, prompt, and easy to work with. It could not be any easier. I recommend Got Paint Pick Up for anyone who needs to dispose of paint at a super reasonable cost and with great ease.

    • Company: Greenout Cleanout
    • Town: Niles
  45. Ted

    Jim was very prompt in his response and flexible with his pick up times. Highly recommend this service !!

    • Town: Northbrook
  46. Mario Claudio Jr

    Great way to recycle paint when your in the middle of moving! Easy and simple!

    • Town: Chicago
  47. Doug McArthur

    I used Gotpaintpickup since we are selling our home and wanted to dispose of unused paint in a responsible manner. They were very efficient and picked up the paint exactly when they said they would. I would recommend them and not hesitate to again use their service. The owner is very friendly and appreciative for the business since they are a relatively new enterprise.

    • Town: Inverness
  48. Dena

    So so easy! Thank you for taking care of all of our extra paint and disposing of it the right way! Thank you for being so accomidating and easy to work with!

    • Town: Libertyville
  49. Kari Mitchell

    Great service!! Finally more space in the garage and basement, nice to know of a good way to dispose of paint easily! Highly recommend!

    • Town: Northbrook
  50. Jennifer Beckmann

    These guys were great, got right back to me when Answering questions & easiest way to get rid of unused paint!!!! Give them a call.

    • Town: Wilmette
  51. Nancy

    I was very happy with the service. They are very professional and everything was hassle free. I would highly recommend them if you have any latex paint to get rid of!

    • Town: Glenview
  52. Susan Plichta

    Highly recommend the service!

    • Town: Wilmette
  53. Robin

    Got Paint Pickup was a life saver for me. I had recently moved and the new owner didn’t want any of the current paint colors I had left behind. GPP came the very next day after I contacted them! It was a huge stress reliever and so affordable. So much better than messing around with kitty litter etc. on your own. Best value of my move. Try them.

    • Town: Winnetka

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